XTsamurai - Strength & Honor...

XTsamurai is the stage name for John Igbinovia, a Nigerian Alternative Rock musician. He is also an accomplished musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Author, poet and public speaker.

A martial arts enthusiast, he explains that the name “XTsamurai” is taken from the word “Samurai” which refers to a highly skilled Japanese warrior and which is translated to mean “One who serves”. “XT” is an expression for what he calls “The Highest form of virtue and Truth”. So he explains “XTsamurai” is “A warrior who serves the highest form of Virtue and Truth - with 'Strength' and 'Honour'.

Like many musicians, his roots were church music, which began after his initial training in classical piano music. He went on to master several other instruments and began experimenting with song writing and composition and as far back as 2003 recorded his first album with a group of friends, titled “The XTsamurai Project'.

New Music from XTsamurai


Voice in my Head is an Alternative Rock song that is a fusion of classical stringed music with 'eargasmic' distortion guitars. The haunting vocals and lyrics resonate with the inner struggle of choosing right over the constant allure of doing wrong.


Featured Video

Watch AIYE by XTsamurai, featuring an amazing fusion of rock and afro-cuban salsa overlayed with distortion guitars and inspiring lyrics, Aiye definitely hits the mark!

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